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Legal proceedings in the Monroe County Surrogate Court evaluated, for the purposes of taxation, Mr. Harmon's real estate, personal property, and outstanding creditors. This document provides a glimpse into the financial life of a successful farmer of…

Full title of the map is "Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, la Floride, la Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline, Nouvelle Angleterre et Nouvelle Yorck, l'Isle de Terre Neuve, la Louisiane, et le cours de la riviere de Misisipi." The title turns out to be…

From a series titled "View on the Line of Erie Railway," this early photograph of Middle Falls shows the environmental effects of a sawmill located there. After purchasing this tract of land in 1859, William Pryor Letchworth began a long program of…

Small plot comprised early settlers' graves, some of which originally were located on the south lawn of the Glen Iris Inn and relocated by William Pryor Letchworth.

Following a tradition of memorial trees planted by William Pryor Letchworth, a planting program began in 1912. The four photos here are from blocks 1, 17, 18, and 42--all located near Inspiration Point.

Replica of a structure built in 1874 by William Pryor Letchworth, who also supplied students with books and a melodeon. The school was used for 60 years, then torn down in 1947 before this replica was built forty years later.

Scenic Letchworth State Park viewpoints often feature these all-weather binoculars manufactured by Tower Optical Co. The dial is turned to different focal planes--here Erie High Bridge and Upper & Lower Falls; Pinewood Lodge; Deh-Ge-Ya-Soh Ravine;…

Drone photograph views Trappist Monastery, founded in 1951, occupies about a dozen acres on its main grounds.

Two photographs taken by Martha Blow Wadsworth (wife of Herbert Wadsworth) show the building of a dam to power a mill at Ashantee, roughly where Littleville Road crosses Conesus Creek. The captions read: "Upper side of dam at Ashantee in process of…

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The following are five separate historical accounts of leisure time activities that happened in Avon New York. They range from going to the movies, to participating in community events.
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