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Cropsey--Greenwood Lake.jpg

Dove--Seneca Lake.jpg
This small watercolor uses a technique Dove called "extraction": abstracting from some landscape only those elements necessary to render it. Here we see a few lines of ink used to trees, clouds, and a power line; watercolor and gouache then complete…

Bierstadt--Mohawk River small.jpg
This painting, seemingly located on the upper Mohawk River, assumes a timeless, mythical quality. Bierstadt was one of several second-generation Hudson School artists associated with "luminism," a technique using aerial perspective and…


Harbor Island--small.jpg

Kensett--Summer on Conesus Lake.jpg




SharpJohn - Vase of Asters.JPG
In a darkened room, light dramatically illuminates an arrangement of flowers and dried oak leaves in a simple white vase. The leaf shapes and Sharp’s brushwork create a flamelike appearance, albeit in a more muted color palette—even the bouquet’s…
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