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Labor shortages on Western New York farms during World War II led to various programs for making up the shortfall: the "Farm Cadets" youth program; calls for community volunteers; guest workers from Jamaica and the Bahamas; and prisoner of war labor.…

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The agricultural region of Orleans county supported several large food processing plants, among them the Olney Canning Company in Albion, NY and the H. J. Heinz factory in Medina, NY. The latter was built in 1899 as the seventh branch factory of…

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As of 2021, Intergrow Greenhouses operated at three locations in Western New York: Fillmore, Albion, and Ontario. Together, they constitute nearly 105 acres of hydroponic production, or more than 4.5 million square feet. According to the trade…

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During World War II American farmers had severe difficulties when it came to labor, especially during the harvest season, so the Farm Security Administration (FSA) authorized the creation of farm labor camps. One in Erie County was located just…
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