Apple Bin at H.J. Heinz Plant, Medina

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The agricultural region of Orleans county supported several large food processing plants, among them the Olney Canning Company in Albion, NY and the H. J. Heinz factory in Medina, NY. The latter was built in 1899 as the seventh branch factory of Heinz, for the purpose of making vinegar. Here we see in a photograph from 1908 indicating the scale of production that was implied. Bulk apples that were considered "seconds" either were processed for sauce or, more likely in Medina, vinegar.

During World War II the Heinz plant was considered an important processor to support US troops--it produced a meat-and-stew ration--and as such was allocated labor via several means. Some hands came from Jamaica or the Bahamas through a guest worker program; others were Italian or German prisoners of war. Even so, there were constant emergency appeals during the harvest season, often depending upon women to work in the factory or for school to be delayed a week so as to complete the tomato harvest.


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