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A glowing circumference encloses what may be a family portrait: two people sit alongside the ocean under an umbrella, turtles and palm trees nearby. On the water are three sailboats, each with a name: Eddy, Eddie, and Luci. Their voyages aren't…

Eva Hdez--Heart.jpg
Floral border defines a circle with more flowers, a pair of solar disc flowers, and a heart with anthropomorphized face. Above, the phrase "Te Extrano" (I Miss You) raises a complex question. Is Hernandez referring to a specific person or, given the…

Ruiz Pita.jpg

Ernestina Altamirano.jpg
Six spokes radiate from a solar disc in the center of this circular design, organizing concentric rings of color based upon traditional Mexican blankets. At the outer edge we see a knotted fringe. Altamirano worked in Western New York as a migrant…


Guentino Cinto.jpg

Nicolas Estrada.jpg

Nicolas Estrada.jpg

Cavazos--Chavez (1).jpg

Roberto Cruz Bautista 1 front.jpg
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