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A glowing circumference encloses what may be a family portrait: two people sit alongside the ocean under an umbrella, turtles and palm trees nearby. On the water are three sailboats, each with a name: Eddy, Eddie, and Luci. Their voyages aren't…

In 1992, anthropologist Jayne Howell encountered two brothers, Diodoro and Samuel Gonzalez Perez, and their cousin Avelino Gonzalez Perez at the Seneca Castle migrant farmworker camp. Their small dioramas constructed of popsicle sticks had specific…

Basketball Court small.jpg
In 1992, anthropologist Jayne Howell was interviewing migrant farmworkers at the Seneca Castle Camp, and noticed a small group creating miniature buildings made of wooden popsicle sticks. An incurious eye might have dismissed them as simplistic, but…

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