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Mother and daughter in field.jpg
Undated photo shows a young woman holding a child in her arms as both look into the distance; their easy familiarity suggests a maternal relationship. In the background are rows of either greenhouses or poultry houses.

Mother and Sons.jpg

Two digital photos tentatively identified as Camp Blue Eagle, located near Naples and Springwater. Migrant farmworkers here weren't attached to any specific farm, although many worked at the Roy Gibson farm in Springwater. These images probably date…

Ernestina Altamirano.jpg
Six spokes radiate from a solar disc in the center of this circular design, organizing concentric rings of color based upon traditional Mexican blankets. At the outer edge we see a knotted fringe. Altamirano worked in Western New York as a migrant…

Bryant Family.jpg
Labor shortages on Western New York farms during World War II led to various programs for making up the shortfall: the "Farm Cadets" youth program; calls for community volunteers; guest workers from Jamaica and the Bahamas; and prisoner of war labor.…

Follwing a Dream--cover.jpg

This photograph contains Wanda Hope cooking in the Marquart Farms kitchen. In 1976, Marquart Farms was a migrant labor farm in Wyoming County, with crew leader Elijah Hunter. Wanda is seen to be moving and working around the kitchen to prepare a…
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