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Temple Hill.jpg
Postcard shows northwest corner of cemetery, featuring stonework and a limestone basin originally supplied by the Hartman or "Fountain" farm on Groveland Road. It was built sometime shortly after 1886.

Detail from 1902 map of Geneseo shows sewer line following the course of a creek at north Main Street, calling into question whether a tunnel really was for the purposes of the Underground Railroad

A photograph of the sun setting over the Genesee river taken from Route 63, in Geneseo, NY. The Geneseo airport and several farm buildings can be seen in this image.

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Diary- Mather1.pdf
Jennie Mather was a resident of nearby Livonia in 1867. Her voice gives us the perspective of a woman whose life was filled with “visits” to Geneseo. Through her retellings, we see Geneseo as a place of adventure, festivals, and family centered…

Alida K. Fitzhugh chronicles her time during the historic Genesee Valley Hunt from the fall of 1891-1893. She talks about multiple taverns, trails, and scenic locations in the valley and her positive experiences as she rode horses, jumped fences, and…

Buzzo’s Music Shop on Main Street is an exciting stop-in for students of all musical abilities. Featuring CDs, records, guitar strings, sheet music, and most importantly, Buzzo’s wild stories, there is never a dull moment from the second you enter…

Interview- Aime Alden.docx
Aime Alden is woman who grew up in Geneseo, graduating from high school in 1973. She recounts growing up in a different time period and notes the changes the town has undergone over her lifetime. The oral interview was taken by Ken Cooper and…

A black and white photo of Main Street during the 1950s.

Sheffield Peabody was a farmer who chronicled his life in Springwater, NY between 1849 and 1914. In many ways his life was typical of his peers: he struggled to make a living at a time when American agriculture favored railroads, food processors, and…

Maude Wiard was a student of the Geneseo Normal School in 1908. Eccentric and silly, her diary of “Commencement Activities” from Geneseo takes us through the lifestyle of a junior student with her friends before Geneseo became a State University.
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