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Cropsey--Greenwood Lake.jpg

Bierstadt--Mohawk River small.jpg
This painting, seemingly located on the upper Mohawk River, assumes a timeless, mythical quality. Bierstadt was one of several second-generation Hudson School artists associated with "luminism," a technique using aerial perspective and…


Kensett--Summer on Conesus Lake.jpg


PattersonClaudeA - November Scene.jpg
The center of this landscape is a tree with gold and yellow leaves, a few just turning to orange. Nearby bushes already have dropped their leaves, allowing for views across a pond or river to the other shore, and mountains in the far distance.…

NagaiThomas - Small Inlet.JPG
The size of this inlet isn’t clear because of perspectival ambiguitiess: if the two houses at left are modest in scale, then the boats across from them either are tiny or far in the distance. Regardless, in the distance we see perhaps three or four…

Nakagawa - House on a Hill.jpg
This scene at the edge of a forest is drawn using remarkably sparse details, for example a few brushstrokes evoking a vegetable garden, a house, or a hill. Much of Nakagawa’s attention has been devoted to dense and multicolored foliage at left and…

PattersonClaudeA - Midsummer Day.JPG
From the edge of a lake or slow-moving river, we look across to see several houses built at water’s edge. Using a palette similar to his other New Deal Gallery paintings, Patterson depicts a freshness normally associated with springtime: there appear…

Lomoff - Leeds Bridge.JPG
Portions of the stone bridge depicted here date to 1760, when a wooden structure over Catskill Creek (in Greene County) collapsed; the rest was completed in 1792 and remains standing today. Lomoff renders virtually no straight lines in his painting,…
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