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Breakneck Ridge--original.jpg
Breakneck Ridge is located in the Hudson Highlands, directly across the river from Storm King Mountain. Its distinctive stony face was picturesque, albeit quarried for granite by the 19th century. It posed a major obstacle in plans to build a…


FastovskyIsaac--Tunnel by the Hudson.JPG
Against a cool background of blue-grays and white, we see a hillside of innumerable colors flowing downhill in nearly a molten state. In contrast to Fastovsky’s general blending technique are several smaller clusters of intensely pointilized…

Pickerel--Upper Hudson.jpeg

Cohoes Falls.jpg
Watercolor and graphite composition captures the 1,000-ft. wide falls two miles upstream from where Mohawk joins the Hudson River. The name may derive from the Mohawk phrase "a canoe falling"--a wry bit of humor. According to an 1813 description, the…

Hudson Palisades small.jpg
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