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Raquette River.jpg
The Raquette River has its headwaters at the outlet of Raquette Lake, in the Adirondack Mountains, and flows 146 miles to the St. Lawrence River. It passes through numerous marshes and small lakes; both before and after European arrival, it has been…

Dark Island.jpg

Sloatsburg Dam@3x.jpg
Despite inscription on the photo, probably what's shown is Sloat's Dam located a few miles upriver in Rockland County, NY. The structure was built in 1792 by Isaac Sloat for the purposes of milling, and was approximately four feet high by 200 feet in…

Cropsey--Greenwood Lake.jpg

Dove--Seneca Lake.jpg
This small watercolor uses a technique Dove called "extraction": abstracting from some landscape only those elements necessary to render it. Here we see a few lines of ink used to trees, clouds, and a power line; watercolor and gouache then complete…

Glen Alpha--Grotto. cropped jpg.jpg

Keuka Lake small.jpg

Hill--View on the Erie Canal small.jpg

Bierstadt--Mohawk River small.jpg
This painting, seemingly located on the upper Mohawk River, assumes a timeless, mythical quality. Bierstadt was one of several second-generation Hudson School artists associated with "luminism," a technique using aerial perspective and…
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