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This photograph suggests how nearby the PKC operation was to residential housing and to surrounding agricultural fields. We see the smokestack of its power plant next to the Walnut St. bridge.

We look down upon the factory located alongside Silver Lake Outlet. Mill No. 1 is next to the smokestack, with Mill No. alongside. In the near foreground, on Elm Street, are Mills No. 4 and 5 (which later burned down in 1970). Behind them is the…

A 19th-century gazetteer described Potsdam, located on the Raquette River, as having "a great variety of beatiful situations" and in particular a waterfall near the center of town. During that time its uses were directed primarily to milling…

Earth Satellite.jpg
Photograph taken (and tweeted) from the International Space Station just after sunset, over the ocean according to Wiseman. This image appears in OpenValley to populate a timeline created for the Green New Deal: Social Surrealism exhibit.
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