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Borden Ave Bridge@2x.jpg
Rice Collection annotation reads: "Completion of the Borden Avenue bridge and opening up the new section of Perry. Notable are the signs for the Perry Herald and News and the public bathrooms, 1895."

NN Camera Contest.png
The Perry Knitting Company showcasing their finished photo contest that was meant to draw in more customers

2020-10-27 (3).png
Part of the flyer advertising for the Perry Knitting Company Open House in 1953

An excerpt from an article titled "Nitey Nite Sets Pace In Industry" in The Perry Knitting Company News on including a local committee of mothers to help their production of Niteys.

Perry Knitting Company mannequins with Nitey Nites summer wear Perry Knitting Co., 1953.

For many years, the Perry Knitting Co. had operated an informal store in Mill #1 that sold factory seconds at reduced prices. The 1950s saw creation of the company's own Nitey Nite brand sleepwear, and direct marketing of its products. A separate…

From the Walnut St. bridge we see a 210 ft. smokestack, built in 1924 and eventually demolished in 1973. Next to it is the factory's power house and in the foreground is a circular cooling tower. An earlier plant, built in 1894, burned coal to power…

Looking south down Hope St. toward Water St. we see several of the firm's buildings at some point during the 1950s, judging from parked cars. At left is Mill #3 and its yarn operations, then the PKC's main office building, with a flyover passage…

According to the Rice Collection annotation, this photograph was "probably taken about 1920." This seems unlikely, given the configuration of brick buildings, wooden buildings, and a skyway visible at lower right. A more likely guess is that we're on…

Perry Knitting Company in the sewing room after the new lighting was put into place.
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