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Cripple Creek--color.jpg
Small mining town, located at nearly 10,000 feet, is best known for its gold rush history. This photograph appears in OpenValley because the Perry Knitting Company calculated that its production of Nitey Nite sleepers in 1952, if laid end to end,…

An excerpt from an article titled "Nitey Nite Sets Pace In Industry" in The Perry Knitting Company News on including a local committee of mothers to help their production of Niteys.

Perry Knitting Company mannequins with Nitey Nites summer wear Perry Knitting Co., 1953.

NN Lullabies.1.jpg
Cover of a promotional 78 rpm record, created for the Perry Knitting Company's "Nitey Nite" line of children's sleepwear, features a photograph similar to its print advertising of the time. In the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle a local department…

For many years, the Perry Knitting Co. had operated an informal store in Mill #1 that sold factory seconds at reduced prices. The 1950s saw creation of the company's own Nitey Nite brand sleepwear, and direct marketing of its products. A separate…

This image is of a young Perry resident photographed by Clark Rice for prospective use in a Nitey Nite catalog. Children were given copies of the prints and were also given the pajamas they were wearing.

Nitey Nite Songbirds.jpg
This advertisement appeared in the Perry Herald to promote a weeklong display in the Perry-Rockwell Company's display window. To illustrate the vivid colors of PKC's Nitey Nite pajamas, a different bird "flown in from the tropics" was featured:…

A catalogue showcasing exclusive patterns from nitey nite. Patterns include aquatic, squeaky bunny, and much more.

Advertisement for fall pajamas that snap in the front, in the back, or can be slipped on over the head.

The Rice Collection annotation describes this scene as "One of the supervisors showing the cotton knitting machine that was used to make the cloth for the Nitey Nite p.j.s."

Cotton yarn in barrels suggest the scale of the company's operation. The…
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