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The Perry Knitting Co. used postcards like these to advertise for help wanted. The postcard shows working men and women outside the knitting mill. The card reads: "Mills 1, 4, & 5, the Perry Knitting Co., Perry, N.Y. Girls Wanted. Photo by Kenney."

The Perry Knitting Company provided some of the prints of the mill to advertise for workers and also for their product. The company made long underwear, for both men and women, and garments for the military. Following World War II they began to…

These two similar photographs were shot for the Nitey-Night pajama company product catalog. It's not clear whether the photographs ever were used. The child on the left posing in the photo is identified as Regina Ireland, wearing a pair of footie…

Nitey Nite Songbirds.jpg
This advertisement appeared in the Perry Herald to promote a weeklong display in the Perry-Rockwell Company's display window. To illustrate the vivid colors of PKC's Nitey Nite pajamas, a different bird "flown in from the tropics" was featured:…

An advertisement explaining how a previous ad received national attention. There is a list of different magazines the ad was mentioned in, including the New York Times Magazine.
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