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Perry 1902--small.jpg
This is a hybrid map typical of its time. It embeds cartography--including street names, property and water rights ownership, sewage lines and fire hydrants--within an advertising framework. Taken altogether it provides a useful snapshot of the Perry…

Mill no 1 from East Side of Outlet.jpg

Borden Ave Bridge@2x.jpg

Silver Lake Ice Co.png

Perry Bowling Center.jpg
This advertisement announces the opening of an unusual recreation venue. Beginning with its construction in 1917, a Ford dealership and garage had been located on Covington St., but by the late 1930s was planning to locate.In 1940 the Perry Rotary…

Global material flows .png
This graphic illustrates the product life cycle of the global clothing economy. It appears in a report created for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion's Future. Among the report's important points: virtually no…

Fiber Types@2x.png

PKC News--small.jpg

NN Lullabies.1.jpg
Cover of a promotional 78 rpm record, created for the Perry Knitting Company's "Nitey Nite" line of children's sleepwear, features a photograph similar to its print advertising of the time. In the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle a local department…

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