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Mill no 1 from East Side of Outlet.jpg

1942 Deferments.1.jpg
In 1940, the Selective Service and Training Act provided for America's first peacetime draft registration, applicable to all men ages 16 to 64. Initially it was to be for a period of twelve months, but after the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941…

1917 Deferments.1.jpg

Walkway 1978.jpg
A decade after the PKC had gone out of business, the challenge of how to deal with its former property and buildings was vexing. At least a few of them were rented by tenants, but in other cases they presented imminent hazards--an iconic smokestack…

Walkway 1973.jpg

Yarn Mill--front.jpg
Also known at Mill #3, this building was constructed in 1899, then expanded in 1905 and again in 1920. On the reverse side of photo there is an inscription: "This building of the former Perry Knitting Company complex in Perry, Wyoming County was…

1937 Strike--Chamber of Commerce.jpg
Advertisement from Perry's Chamber of Commerce warns that a strike at the Perry Knitting Co. will disrupt economic stability for the entire town. At the time of this advertisement, the CIO was successfully unionizing Elam Shoe Co. and the Quality…

Selective Service--women workers.jpg

Perry Knitting Co. Rubble.jpg

Open House for Nitey Nite.jpg
Large advertisement for the Perry Knitting Co.'s open house of May 27, 1953 promises lots of information and "guided tours through 21 operating departments." In the meantime, the flyer mentions some striking statistics: That a year's supply of…
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