In Case of Strikes--Everyone Loses!

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In Case of Strikes--Everyone Loses!


Advertisement from Perry's Chamber of Commerce warns that a strike at the Perry Knitting Co. will disrupt economic stability for the entire town. At the time of this advertisement, the CIO was successfully unionizing Elam Shoe Co. and the Quality Wood Heel Co. in Rochester, and "continued growth in number of Perry Knitting Mills workers who have signed with the plant CIO unit" (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 4 April 1937: 21).

The company probably was alarmed at momentum in this direction, and undertook at least two tactics. One was to make visible employee support for a non-union shop, leading to a Loyalty Parade two months later. The other was to widen the scope of influence, arguing that economic disruptions--however bad they were in large cities--were "infinitely worse" in a small town like Perry. "The affect EVERY CITIZEN," warns the Chamber of Commerce. Thus, labor issues at the plant are shown to intertwine with an entire community.


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Perry Record 1 April 1937

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