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Perry Knitting Co.


This collection gathers documents for a Perry Knitting Co. exhibit on OpenValley. They are gathered from from three main sources.

First, the Clark Rice Photography Collection at the Perry, NY Public Library. Rice was a prolific photographer in Western New York throughout the mid-20th century. This collection includes scans of his work, and copies of images from the turn of the century photographer Merrium Crocker, whose studio Rice purchased.

Secondly, the Henry Page Local History Files. Page was president of First National Bank of Perry, and a local historian associated with the public library for nearly five decades. His uncle, William, had helped secure funding from the Carnegie Corporation for its establishment in 1900 and construction in 1914. The Page collection contains various historical materials and photographs accumulated by him over the years.

Thirdly, we draw upon various public domain texts, such as maps from the Library of Congress or digitized articles from local newspapers. All images here are selections from these collections, chosen for their relevance to OpenValley project. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the Perry Public Library and its Director, Jessica Pacciotti.


Meghan Cobo, Ken Cooper, Michaelena Ferraro, Melisha Gatlin, Andrew Gleason, Macaire Lisicki, Ben Michalak, Ethan Pelletier, Emma Raupp, Mariah Rockwell.

Special thanks to Jessica Pacciotti at the Perry Public Library.

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Women Sewing at the Perry Knitting Company
Dozens of women create what are probably items of Nitey-Nite sleepwear at the Perry Knitting Co.

Aerial View of Perry Knitting Co.
We look down upon the factory located alongside Silver Lake Outlet. Mill No. 1 is next to the smokestack, with Mill No. alongside. In the near foreground, on Elm Street, are Mills No. 4 and 5 (which later burned down in 1970). Behind them is the…

Open House With Nitey Nite
Celebrating its 75th year of operation, the largest employer invited Perry townspeople for a two-hour tour of its facilities, during which 1,000 employers were at work to demonstrate the machines. There were refreshments and live flamingos. This…

Map of New York Textile Mills, 1913
This survey from the Official American Textile Directory shows some175 New York communities with some sort of textile firm, in most cases more than one (for example, the town of Perry has three). Also noted on the map are rail lines connecting the…

Even Dogs Sit Up for Nitey-Nites
Boy and girl are posed, with a scene-stealing dog, wearing Nitey Nite pajamas for promotional photo whose proposed tagline is inked on print.

Clark Rice writes: "Another Nitey-Nite pajama picture. Not all these prints would have been used in their…

Diagram of Perry Knitting Co.
An apparent copy of an extremely detailed map for the purposes of fire insurance, this diagram contains several important kinds of information. It supplies us with the names of different buildings, and the date they were constructed. It tells us…

Walnut Street Bridge
From the annotated description reads: "Print showing the Perry Knitting Mill taken by the new metal bridge on Walnut Street, made from an original glass plate, probably about 1910." The iron span was constructed in 1902 by the Owego Bridge Company,…

Perry Knitting Co. Mill #1
From the annotated description: "Print showing the Perry Knitting Mill that Clark notes as being Mill # 1, water powered, date taken unknown."

The building in the background, Cataract Custom Mill, was located just downstream from Mill #1 and…

Sedam Tire at former Perry Knitting Co.
From the annotated description: "The Sedam operation at the former Perry Knitting Company site, probably about 1989." Sedam Tire is a company still providing service for vehicles and agricultural equipment, albeit not at this site.

Remains of the Perry Knitting Co.
According to the annotated list, this photograph was taken after the last major fire at the PKC site. We're probably looking at Mill #4, located at Walnut and Water Streets.
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