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Perry Knitting Co.


This collection gathers documents for a Perry Knitting Co. exhibit on OpenValley. They are gathered from from three main sources.

First, the Clark Rice Photography Collection at the Perry, NY Public Library. Rice was a prolific photographer in Western New York throughout the mid-20th century. This collection includes scans of his work, and copies of images from the turn of the century photographer Merrium Crocker, whose studio Rice purchased.

Secondly, the Henry Page Local History Files. Page was president of First National Bank of Perry, and a local historian associated with the public library for nearly five decades. His uncle, William, had helped secure funding from the Carnegie Corporation for its establishment in 1900 and construction in 1914. The Page collection contains various historical materials and photographs accumulated by him over the years.

Thirdly, we draw upon various public domain texts, such as maps from the Library of Congress or digitized articles from local newspapers. All images here are selections from these collections, chosen for their relevance to OpenValley project. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the Perry Public Library and its Director, Jessica Pacciotti.


Meghan Cobo, Ken Cooper, Michaelena Ferraro, Melisha Gatlin, Andrew Gleason, Macaire Lisicki, Ben Michalak, Ethan Pelletier, Emma Raupp, Mariah Rockwell.

Special thanks to Jessica Pacciotti at the Perry Public Library.

Collection Items

Mills #1-2, from East Side of Outlet
This photograph dates to a time after construction of Mill #3 and its smokestack (which is visible at the right side of photograph). From across the Silver Lake Outlet we see Mill #1 and the smaller Mill #2 that was added on. In its distinctive way,…

Borden Avenue Bridge
Rice Collection annotation reads: "Completion of the Borden Avenue bridge and opening up the new section of Perry. Notable are the signs for the Perry Herald and News and the public bathrooms, 1895."

Sweet Sarah's ice cream.
Sweet Sarah's

The Perry Bowling Alley.
Outside of the Perry Bowling Alley.

Inside the Biblio-Tech Cafe.
Biblio-Tech Cafe.

The KM dance center on main street in Perry.
A photo from in front of the dance center.

Mechanical Cotton Harvesters
The full title of this photograph is "Three international pickers in a cotton field on Hopson Plantation, Mississippi Delta." It was taken by a photographer on contract with the Farm Services Administration, documenting agricultural practices and…

Cotton day laborers
The full title of this photograph is "Day laborers carrying sack of cotton from field to cotton house to be weighed, Marcella Plantation, Mississippi Delta, Mississippi." It was taken by a photographer hired by the Farm Security Administration during…

Cotton Spinning Mills, 1880-1926
Two maps from an historical atlas show the rise of a southern textile industry, especially during the early 20th century. By 1926, the long-dominant New England region of textile manufactures was about even with the south; in another twenty years it…
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