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Wolcott--Day Laborers.jpg

1937 Strike--Chamber of Commerce.jpg
Advertisement from Perry's Chamber of Commerce warns that a strike at the Perry Knitting Co. will disrupt economic stability for the entire town. At the time of this advertisement, the CIO was successfully unionizing Elam Shoe Co. and the Quality…

Loyalty Parade 1.jpg
The four photographs here partially document a tense confrontation, during 1937, between the Perry Knitting Co. management and the Textile Workers Organizing Committee of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). Like any other factory, worker…

CIO Handbill.jpg

50 Year Employees.jpg
Photograph commemorates a dinner honoring a dozen long-time employees at the PKC. Their lengthy working life is notable both for its stamina--several of the jobs were physically taxing--and that it was all for the same employer.A typed annotation on…
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