Perry Knitting Co. Draft Deferment Requests, 1942

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Perry Knitting Co. Draft Deferment Requests, 1942


In 1940, the Selective Service and Training Act provided for America's first peacetime draft registration, applicable to all men ages 16 to 64. Initially it was to be for a period of twelve months, but after the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941 eligibility was extended indefinitely in early 1942.

Against this backdrop the Perry Knitting Co. requested an exemption for its employees on the grounds that its product was essential for military operations. We have here a tissue-paper copy of a letter sent to Local Board #571 as "Affidavits to Support Claims for Occupational Deferment" pertaining to the company's employees. These men are listed by their draft number although not, as in a similar 1917 appeal, according to their PKC department.

The fragile paper has numerous tears that have been retouched for the purpose of display; the first two pages are printed back-to-back and show evidence of shadow bleed-through.


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