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Walkway 1978.jpg
A decade after the PKC had gone out of business, the challenge of how to deal with its former property and buildings was vexing. At least a few of them were rented by tenants, but in other cases they presented imminent hazards--an iconic smokestack…

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Yarn Mill--front.jpg
Also known at Mill #3, this building was constructed in 1899, then expanded in 1905 and again in 1920. On the reverse side of photo there is an inscription: "This building of the former Perry Knitting Company complex in Perry, Wyoming County was…




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Fire Fiend 2.jpg
Headline from the weekly Caledonia "Advertiser" describes a major fire that destroyed much of the village's commercial district and the Moss House hotel in 1891. The story goes on to enumerate some of what was lost: "The fire cleaned out two…

Davis & Bundy--1894.jpg
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