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Walkway 1978.jpg
A decade after the PKC had gone out of business, the challenge of how to deal with its former property and buildings was vexing. At least a few of them were rented by tenants, but in other cases they presented imminent hazards--an iconic smokestack…

Walkway 1973.jpg
Several walkways connected different mills in the PKC complex. The reverse side of this photograph explains what is happening: "1:30 am Sat. April 28, 1973. Fire in walkway over Water St. between two buildings of former Perry Knitting Co. property.…

Yarn Mill--front.jpg
Also known at Mill #3, this building was constructed in 1899, then expanded in 1905 and again in 1920. On the reverse side of photo there is an inscription: "This building of the former Perry Knitting Company complex in Perry, Wyoming County was…

Portion of Perry Knitting Mill left standing following a structure fire in the winter. Downed electric wires can be seen, as well as a water tower standing in the background of the picture.

This is another close up shot of the fire at the Perry Knitting Company on January 17th in 1978.

This photograph depicts the Perry Knitting Company during a fire on January 17th, 1978, later revealed to have been started by arson to collect insurance money. The fire is raging in this photograph and the smoke is beginning to cloud the entire…

1328 (1).jpg
This is another photograph of the Perry Knitting Company on fire the night of January 17, 1978. There are two figures observing the fire as well as a tree at the center of the photograph.

This is a picture of the Perry Knitting Mill on fire in 1978. The fire is in the center of the photograph and the smoke engulfs the entire page.

Fire Fiend 2.jpg
Headline from the weekly Caledonia "Advertiser" describes a major fire that destroyed much of the village's commercial district and the Moss House hotel in 1891. The story goes on to enumerate some of what was lost: "The fire cleaned out two…

Davis & Bundy--1894.jpg
Number 42 on the Burleigh map, it's not clear whether Davis (1860-1947) ever was successful in starting up his billiard hall--and the attendant liquor license likely for its operation. It's more certain that, by May 1894, he and Charles Bundy had…
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