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An older woman is shown at work a one of the new seam-binding machines. On the wall behind her, we see what might be punch-in cards for the other workers.

Image of an updated sewing room at the PKC, outfitted with new overhead lights, likely to replace the natural light from windows. Middle table might also have new conveyor belt technology. A worker's purse/toolbox can be seen on the front left sewing…

Seven men pictured in front of huge troughs for washing cloth at the PKC. Hundreds of individual threads run over top of the wash troughs. Natural light is let in through windows along the walls.

Six women are shown at work in the spinning room. According to the "Perry Knitting Company News," an occasional feature in the Perry Herald, they are: Laura Lounsbury, Stella Fronczak, Helen Stark, Irene Rohl, Genevieve Blaszak, and Margaret…

The Rice Collection annotation tells us that "For a time, the Champion plant utilized the defunct Perry Knitting Company. This print is of the Perry Knitting Company before all the buildings were destroyed and show the street bridges." This…

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Model showing the good parts of the Nite-Nites made by the Perry Knitting Company. Ten ways the sleepers are better.

Photographic reproduction of a postcard showing PKC from the Walnut St. bridge. At right we see Mill #1, and to its left the power plant and smokestack. At left we see what is probably Mill #4 (built in 1900), before an additional Mill #5 was…

Two men are bringing the balled cotton into the Perry Knitting Company. One drives the forklift and one guides him.

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Samuel Ferrara, Leslie Fenn, Russell Shaughnessy, and Robert Courch pose for a photo at the Perry Knitting Company. A picture of the Mill hangs on the wall behind them. All have "suggested changes in production control and materials handling and have…

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Interior view of the spinning room at the Perry Knitting Company. These machines spool the fabric that workers use to sew.
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