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An older woman is shown at work a one of the new seam-binding machines. On the wall behind her, we see what might be punch-in cards for the other workers.

Seven men pictured in front of huge troughs for washing cloth at the PKC. Hundreds of individual threads run over top of the wash troughs. Natural light is let in through windows along the walls.

Three women shown working at typing machines in PKC office. From left, they are identified as: Ms. MacQuarrie, Pearl Siembida, and Lois Adrian. Their attire is more formal than that of the working women in the mill.

Six women are shown at work in the spinning room. According to the "Perry Knitting Company News," an occasional feature in the Perry Herald, they are: Laura Lounsbury, Stella Fronczak, Helen Stark, Irene Rohl, Genevieve Blaszak, and Margaret…

A line of older-looking women work at their sewing machines in the sewing room of the PKC. They are surrounded by piles of fabric and the floor is littered with scraps. The women appear blurred in the photograph as a result of their rapid movement.

Interior of the Perry Knitting Co., likely the cutting room. Mostly men are standing before the machines, which have knitted rolls wound into them. The two men in front have their attached shears raised, ready to cut the fabric. Additional knitted…

Seven workers in the Perry Knitting Company are taking a break. They are surrounded by packing supplies and they are using a Prosperity steam press.

A picture of an older man and woman in a sewing room of the Perry Knitting Co. The man holds a sign reading "Congratulations 33rd Anniversary" next to the woman, who is seated in front of a work desk covered in fabric scraps. Under her desk are many…

Women are pictured walking home from work on Hope Street, with knitting mill buildings in background. Annotation indicates that Hope Street and Water Street were "busy places during the time of the Perry Knitting Co." Photo caption reads: "Mills of…

A different print of the same cutting room at the Perry Knitting Co. Unknown whether this photo pre- or post- dates the image of the cutting room from 1910, but similar machinery and room structure can be seen in both photos. Again, about thirty men…
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