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New lighting was put into the sewing room of the Perry Knitting Company in January of 1950.

Perry Knitting Company in the sewing room, prior to the new lighting.

Image of an updated sewing room at the PKC, outfitted with new overhead lights, likely to replace the natural light from windows. Middle table might also have new conveyor belt technology. A worker's purse/toolbox can be seen on the front left sewing…

A line of older-looking women work at their sewing machines in the sewing room of the PKC. They are surrounded by piles of fabric and the floor is littered with scraps. The women appear blurred in the photograph as a result of their rapid movement.

Huge sewing room outfitted with three rows of at least ten long work desks. Each "work desk" has a sewing machine at each end, bobbins of thread, a chair for the worker to sit on, and a pile of raw fabric in the center.

Interior of the sewing room at the Perry Knitting Company. I think, with the turmoil shown, that this must have been following the closure of the mill that occurred about 1969. I think this print was taken to send to other mills to show what the…

Probably ready for the day in the sewing room at the Perry Knitting Company. Piles of cloth are waiting to be sewn by the women in the background of the picture.

This is a photograph of the sewing room at the Perry Knitting company on Water Street. The year was said to be around 1960. In the photograph there are rows of workers working on the fabrics.

From the Rice collection annotation: "Women working in the sewing section of the Perry Knitting Company. First woman in the picture is Janice Vosburg. Male supervisors walk around quality checking and checking quantities." This photograph almost…

This photograph almost certainly was taken at the same time as Item #5323, showing women at work in the sewing section of PKC. Here, we have moved toward the back of the room and see different employees and a closer look at the machinist (?) in…
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