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Interior of the sewing room at the Perry Knitting Company. I think, with the turmoil shown, that this must have been following the closure of the mill that occurred about 1969. I think this print was taken to send to other mills to show what the…

These machines were utilized to put the thread on bobbins at the Perry Knitting Company.

Another print of machinery used in the processing of the cotton at Perry Knitting Company.

Picture depicts the machinery used in the manufacturing of cloth at the Perry Knitting Co. Pictures could have also been take after the decision to close Perry Knitting Company was reached. Clark was hired to take pictures of the equipment that was…

Picture showing one of the many machines that I could have been used in dying the yarn prior to the material being manufactured by the Perry Knitting Company.

The Rice Collection annotation describes this as "Part of the spinning process at the Perry Knitting Company," where we see four visitors pause to look while a factory worker stands by.

The Rice Collection annotation describes this scene as "One of the supervisors showing the cotton knitting machine that was used to make the cloth for the Nitey Nite p.j.s."

Cotton yarn in barrels suggest the scale of the company's operation. The…

The Rice Collection annotation reads: "Another part of the operation of the Nitey Nite line in the Mill, Open House, 1954."

This date probably is wrong, since there is no mention of a PKC open house in the newspapers that year. On May 27, 1953 the…
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