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Raquette River.jpg
The Raquette River has its headwaters at the outlet of Raquette Lake, in the Adirondack Mountains, and flows 146 miles to the St. Lawrence River. It passes through numerous marshes and small lakes; both before and after European arrival, it has been…

Dark Island.jpg
These four images come from a book of 33 views featuring the Thousand Islands, located in the St. Lawrence River as it exits Lake Ontario. Some of the photographs are focused on natural features, but a majority admire larger-than-life "castles" built…

Romance Map North Country--small.jpg
Centered upon an area roughly bordered by the Adirondack State Park, this map synthesizes basic topographical features—borders, lakes and waterways, cities, early roads—with pictorial elements. Some of these latter reference historical events; still,…
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