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Hill--View on the Erie Canal small.jpg
Hill was the son of a well-known commercial lithographer, and was only 17 years old when he created this and other watercolors of the Erie Canal with an eye toward eventual publication. That never came to pass, but as historical documents the…

Genesee River@3x.jpg
Wide-angle panorama of looks west where the Erie Canal crosses the aqueduct at present-day Broad Street. Its course points toward the tower of Rochester's city hall. Directly across the Genesee we see factory of Cluett Peabody & Co., manufacturer of…

Detailed map of former Erie Canal boomtown reflects its growth into a large city half a century later. Looking north, from Highland Park, we can trace the Genesee River to Lake Ontario. Several features from Rochester's earliest days still are…

Western New York village located on the Erie Canal still shows the commercial importance of that waterway via several businesses located alongside: a planing mill, grist mill, canning factory, and a baking powder manufacturer. Two railroad lines…

Flood 1865--Rochester
Photograph of an earlier photograph shows Genesee River flood waters level with the aqueduct, while a canal boat makes the crossing.
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