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Erie Canal--merged.jpg
Full title of image reads, "A new map and profile of the proposed canal from Lake Erie to Hudson River in the State of New York," and several details indicate the project's state of flux. For example, two different routes west of the Genesee River…

Time Table--Lowell Mills.jpg
The factory town of Lowell, MA was named after the inventor of a power loom that revolutionized manufacturing and, along with the technology, the structure of work. Owners of the mills employed thousands of people, most of them women called the…

Flax and Hemp Dresser.jpg

Corn Planter.jpg
Prior to the 1800s, corn was planted by hand in hillocks or rows. Industrial technologies profoundly affected agriculture with many patent machines like this horse-drawn planter designed by Calvin Olds. In a language typical for other devices of the…

Cotton Spinning--1880.jpg

Mill Maps.png
This GIS map was created to support the Dansville Ever-Green map, itself an experiment to recover historical knowledge for the purposes of envisioning a bioregional economy & culture. Its premise is to draw a 50-mile radius around the town of…

Myers--Junk Yard@2x.jpg
Nearby to many of New York's factories, power plants, and slaughterhouses, there's an obvious social ecology to Myers' choice of location. It's possible that the photographic of this painting may have mis-titled it, given frequent references to a…


Dorlcote Mill.jpg
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