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Myers--The Gift.jpg
Four children encounter each other upon a path in Central Park, the city skyline silhouetted against a colorful sky. Two older—and, judging from their clothing, apparently wealthier—children accept a flower offered by a young girl holding a larger…

MyersJerome - New York Markets@0.5x.jpg
At an unidentified and humble market advertising “Fruits & Produce,” we see what appears to be a family preparing their display. The muted browns of the ground, wooden crates, and shed constitute much of the painting yet serve as a backdrop to…

Myers--Junk Yard@2x.jpg
Nearby to many of New York's factories, power plants, and slaughterhouses, there's an obvious social ecology to Myers' choice of location. It's possible that the photographic of this painting may have mis-titled it, given frequent references to a…
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