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Mill Maps.png
This GIS map was created to support the Dansville Ever-Green map, itself an experiment to recover historical knowledge for the purposes of envisioning a bioregional economy & culture. Its premise is to draw a 50-mile radius around the town of…

Physical Culture front.jpg
A background of weightlifting and wrestling prepared McFadden (1868-1955) for his advocacy of physical fitness--or "physical culture" as it was called at the time. His entrepreneurial talents encompassed exercise equipment, dietary advice and,…

Promotional brochure created by the Industrial Department of the Dansville and Mount Morris Railroad, a short line operation whose existence depended upon manufacturers locating near its facilities. The 32-page document contains information upon…

An aerial photograph of Dansville, New York, showing Dansville and the surrounding areas.

Dansville RR Map--Connections.jpg
Two maps from a railroad promoting local industry makes the case that its short line links to many distant markets.

Dansville--500 Miles.jpg
Bullseye map for a railroad promotional brochure reads; "Dansville is within 500 miles of 3/4 the population of Canada and 1/2 the population of the United States"
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