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Exterior print of the Perry Knitting Company located in Mt. Morris, N.Y. noted on the reverse of the print, closing in 1969.

Drawing of an aerial view of the village of Mt. Morris, N.Y., looking generally westward. The streets in the lithograph are labeled, and points of interest (buildings, businesses, etc.) are indexed.

American Rock Salt--small.jpg
After the 1994 collapse of a salt mine in Retsof, NY, the company reorganized, purchased mineral rights, and today produces between 10,000-18,000 tons of road salt daily

American Rock Salt.jpg
A photo of the present day salt processing plant, owned by American Rock Salt company.

This image from the early 1950s shows the construction of the dam at Mt. Morris. Prior to this time, areas along the Genesee River flooded annually. This mighty structure now helps regulate the river's volume.

Dansville RR Map--Connections.jpg
Two maps from a railroad promoting local industry makes the case that its short line links to many distant markets.

Varied transportation infrastructure of the town--ranging from canals to roads to railroads--is shown in this detail (click on image to see complete map).

A photograph, looking east, of people bringing sacks of grain to a large mill in the village of Mount Morris, N.Y., for milling and/or storing. This mill appears to be located on State St., next to the mill race that crosses it there, . A 1902 map…

Grist, or flour, mill in the village of Mount Morris, N.Y., situated next to the mill race, which flows beneath the arch of a stone bridge across State St. A 1902 map indicates that it is the Galbraith Mill, built approximately where the Humphrey…
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