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Erie RR Diagram--small.jpg
According to its caption, "Representing a plan of organization exhibiting the division of administrative duties, and showing the number and class of [employees], engaged in each department."

Flood 1865--Rochester
Photograph of an earlier photograph shows Genesee River flood waters level with the aqueduct, while a canal boat makes the crossing.

Detail from "Map of Central New York, Showing Outcrop of the Salina Formation and Locations Where Salt or Brine Has Been Found in Wells or Shafts." Full map is attached as separate file.

Among the ten scenes for Rochester's Centennial in 1934, the third took viewers back to 1829 and the daredevil's fateful leap from High Falls. Two views of the scene appear here: a photograph from the souvenir program, and portion of the program…

Even prior to opening of the Retsof Mine in 1880--which would become America's largest--the state of New York trailed only Michigan in production

Detail from 1902 map of Geneseo shows sewer line following the course of a creek at north Main Street, calling into question whether a tunnel really was for the purposes of the Underground Railroad

Detail from "New Century Atlas" shows Retsof Mine and related infrastructure, along with area schools, farms, and churches. Just to the northwest of mine is an area of (segregated) housing built for employees that was known as "Little Italy."

Adaptation of Wilbur Siebert's 1898 map focuses solely on New York state network, perhaps with a misleading sense of precision as to clarity of "routes"

American Rock Salt--small.jpg
After the 1994 collapse of a salt mine in Retsof, NY, the company reorganized, purchased mineral rights, and today produces between 10,000-18,000 tons of road salt daily

IMG_4637 Sinclair sign 3 (1).jpg
A rusted sign advertising Sinclair Gasoline found just outside of Wellsville, NY--likely dates back to the 1950s. Sinclair Oil's refinery in the town was a major employer but also was beset by huge fires in 1938 and 1958, the latter of which shut…
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