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This engraving shows four views of the Onondaga Salt Company, located in Syracuse, NY. Due to an unusual geologic formation, salt springs located near the south end of Onandaga Lake had been an object of interest from the beginning of European…

Bird's eye view looking northwest shows the rapidly growing town of 3,200 located along Oatka Creek. Founded in 1803 from the Holland Purchase tract, agriculture followed the clearing of timber and by the later 19th century the town's economy was a…

Detail from "Map of Central New York, Showing Outcrop of the Salina Formation and Locations Where Salt or Brine Has Been Found in Wells or Shafts." Full map is attached as separate file.

Even prior to opening of the Retsof Mine in 1880--which would become America's largest--the state of New York trailed only Michigan in production

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After the 1994 collapse of a salt mine in Retsof, NY, the company reorganized, purchased mineral rights, and today produces between 10,000-18,000 tons of road salt daily

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A photo of the present day salt processing plant, owned by American Rock Salt company.
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