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Cotton Manufacturing.jpg

Mill #1 and Sillver Lake Outlet.jpg
This early photograph of the Perry Knitting Co. is roughly contemporary to another OpenValley document, although here the absence of tree leaves allows for clearer viewing of Mill #1. In the foreground are the PKC's dam and water wheel. The…

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Mill Maps.png
This GIS map was created to support the Dansville Ever-Green map, itself an experiment to recover historical knowledge for the purposes of envisioning a bioregional economy & culture. Its premise is to draw a 50-mile radius around the town of…


PKC Diagram--small.jpg


Owen - Old Mill Worthington, MA.JPG
The structures depicted here are in all likelihood those of the Theron Higgins Mill located alongside the Little River in Worthington, MA. They’re rendered in a somewhat telescopic view so as to compress a nearly impossible number of scenic elements:…

Light's Mill@2x.jpg
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