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Light's Mill@2x.jpg
Real-photo postcard shows a mill site alongside Conesus Creek where Emme Light rebuilt after a fire had destroyed an earlier one named "Glen Avon." He retained that name, and became well known for his trademarked varieties of flour: Peerless, Sweet…

Five Arch front.jpg
200-foot stone viaduct was constructed by the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad sometime around 1856-57, crossing the outlet of Conesus Lake not far from where that creek joins the Genesee River. By 1859 the planned rail line between Mt. Morris…

Avon Inn front.jpg
The historic landmark in Avon, NY was built ca. 1840 as a private residence and later became a sought-after destination during the village's days as a spa resort. Damaged by a fire in 1979, it was restored and has remained in business.

This linen…

Feeley Tape 2 - 4_6_16, 12.39 PM.mp3
This is a collection of several clips from tapes that were recorded in the Avon Historical Society

Coleman Side B 1.mp3
Various clips discussing the hard times in Avon, NY including problems with the school district, victory gardens and living through the Great Depression.

Small lunch car run by Otto Kiefer was located on the park square in Avon, NY, perhaps as early as 1926. After Kiefer's death in 1940 it passed through a number of owners before being moved to Perry in 1946. It was disassembled in 1957.

Avon Free Library was used to house students after the school fire in 1961. Four kindergarten classes were taught there for two years.

George Dooer opened this meat market when he was 19; first bought some farmland and went from having nothing to having one of the longest running businesses. He was the president of the town, supervisor, and county sherriff. His meat market was…

Composite image created from two U.S. Army Engineer maps of 1972 hurricane

Agnes Flood--Avon.jpeg
Map of areas impacted by the June 1972 Hurricane
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