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Cotton Harvesters.jpg
The full title of this photograph is "Three international pickers in a cotton field on Hopson Plantation, Mississippi Delta." It was taken by a photographer on contract with the Farm Services Administration, documenting agricultural practices and…

Upland Cotton 2019.png
Chart created by the US Department of Agriculture shows county-level production of the more widely grown "upland cotton" variety. Although much of the old "Cotton Kingdom" of the antebellum south still produces this commodity, Texas has supplanted…

Charles Lenker's Property.jpg
Excerpted from a larger bird's-eye view of Freeport, NY this image shows an agricultural business located on North Main Street; we see a streetcar in the foreground. Lenker is described as a "Florist and Nurseryman," although given Freeport's…

Wm Hamilton.jpg
Number 12 on the Burleigh Map, the location of Hamilton's office alongside the New York Central Railroad suggests the importance of his operation to Caledonia's economy. In addition to his farming interests Hamilton (1832-1912) was a produce dealer,…

Publication in the USDA "Farmers' Bulletin" series focuses upon the 8 million women who "work every day, and most of them many hours a day, in the farm kitchens of the United States." The emphasis is upon careful design and planning of kitchens so as…

Scheme for the application of steam engines to agriculture was deemed by the editors of "The Genesee Farmer" to be "more poetry than practice." Surreal as it appears to be, except for the rail lines modern planting and harvesting use very similar…

New York Soils.jpg
A soil series of the northeastern United States, including the map legend and landscape photographs. This map was originally published in the Atlas of American Agriculture.

Emmons 1846.jpeg
Divides the state of New York, as well as neighboring states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, into six distinct agricultural zones.

Farmer Snug.jpg
The moral virtue of tidiness meets agriculture in this famous diptych from Solon Robinson's "Facts for Farmers" (1864), one of many visions of the model farm
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