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Sloatsburg Dam@3x.jpg
Despite inscription on the photo, probably what's shown is Sloat's Dam located a few miles upriver in Rockland County, NY. The structure was built in 1792 by Isaac Sloat for the purposes of milling, and was approximately four feet high by 200 feet in…

Middle Falls front.jpg
A mile and a half downstream from Rochester's Upper Falls (later, "High Falls"), its Middle Falls originally had a height of 25 feet and were featured in Thomas Davies' 1768 engraving of the area. Here, we see one of two masonry dams built at the…

Portage Dam 1--medium.jpg
Beginning in 1890, recurring attempts were made to construct a dam in the Genesee River gorge so as to control flooding in the city of Rochester and generate electricity. After failed efforts at Mt. Morris, in 1896 attention turned to a site at…
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