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Cathedral Termites.jpg
These striking natural structures are created by the cathedral termite (Nasutitermes triodiae) of Northern Australia. The tallest mounds can exceed ten feet in height. They appear in OpenValley as part of the "Open World" exhibit exploring the…

Lower Falls.mp4
From a trail below the falls, we look back upriver to a WPA-era stone bridge constructed by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers during the 1930s. This sort of organic stonework can be viewed at other locations in Western New York, like Stony…

Tea Table 4.jpg
A pair of optical viewer look upstream at this viewpoint in Letchworth State Park. Until 1950 a distinctive rock formation gave this location its name.

Wolf Creek Falls
This item consists of a short video of the picturesque creek in Letchworth State Park, and a screenshot for the purposes of mobile devices. It depicts a section just before it goes over Wolf Creek Falls into the Genesee River.

Silver Lake Outlet 3.jpg
A close-up of a stone bridge built by the Civilian Conservation Corps crossing the Silver Lake Outlet, Letchworth State Park

Picnic Shelter.jpg
A picnic shelter built by the Civilian Conservation Corps at Letchworth State Park, near the Lower Falls

Stone Wall Lower falls.jpg
A natural rock wall in the canyon of the Lower Falls at Letchworth State Park.

Stone Bench.jpg
This is a detailed view of a wall built alongside a trail by the Civilian Conservation Corps. at Letchworth State Park, near the Lower Falls.

Gibsonville Bridge.jpg
Stone bridge built by Civil Conservation Corps at Letchworth park.

From a vantage point looking westward, we see the town of approximately 3,000 about a century after its first settlers began arriving following the 1797 Big Tree treaty. Incorporated in 1814, Perry initially was an agricultural area that increasingly…
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