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Cathedral Termites.jpg
These striking natural structures are created by the cathedral termite (Nasutitermes triodiae) of Northern Australia. The tallest mounds can exceed ten feet in height. They appear in OpenValley as part of the "Open World" exhibit exploring the…

Lower Falls.mp4

Lange--Missouri Farmer.jpg

The title of this painting is paradoxical, since none of the trees depicted appear to be the fruiting varieties usually associated with commercial orchards. Nor is it entitled "Arboretum," a collection of species under a landscaping rubric. Instead,…

JonesLeonFoster - The Dock.jpg
We see a dock or port building with two ships moored. Jones uses ink sparingly, but cross-hatches aggressively to convey the dark paint of the dock and shadows on the water. For lighter objects, he implies more than illustrates shape through his…

Ernst Haeckel was an important 19th-century biologist, especially in describing the relations and connections between different organisms. He was, in fact, inventor of the term ecology--the study of nature's "household." For his 1879 book The…

NDG Postcard : Flyer.jpg
This image combines Samuel Theobald's 1937 painting "Close Relations", a Keeling Curve showing the rise in global carbon dioxide levels, and a stylized grid. It was created for a series of exhibits hosted by OpenValley.

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