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American Farmer--22.jpg

Black River Falls@0.5x.jpg

JonesLeonFoster - The Dock.jpg
We see a dock or port building with two ships moored. Jones uses ink sparingly, but cross-hatches aggressively to convey the dark paint of the dock and shadows on the water. For lighter objects, he implies more than illustrates shape through his…

Ximinez - The Ox Wagon.JPG
One of several prints Ximenez created for the Associated American Artists gallery in New York, this artfully composed scene manages to fit several elements of Mexican culture into its frame. Upon cobblestone streets and against the wall of a…

NakamizoFuji - Woodpecker.jpg
An alert jay sits upon a tree branch in the foreground, with billow of leaves or some other foliage in the midground. In the distance, we see the turret of a large building. Nakamizo’s decision to render this scene as an engraving turns it into a…

Grambs--Warehouse, East River.jpg
A faceless laborer lifts what appears to be bales of cotton--presumably one of many for New York's textile and garment industries. The etching's dark, cross-hatched interior contrasts with a view of docks, tugboat, and buildings seen through the…
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