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NakamizoFuji - American Woodcock.JPG
A pair of woodcocks is pictured somewhat outside of their preferred grassy habitat, beside a cozy opening in a tree trunk. Although they often are associated with spring, the presence of freshly fallen leaves seems to indicate a moment just prior to…

NakamizoFuji - Woodpecker.jpg
An alert jay sits upon a tree branch in the foreground, with billow of leaves or some other foliage in the midground. In the distance, we see the turret of a large building. Nakamizo’s decision to render this scene as an engraving turns it into a…

Nakamizo - Peacock Pheasant.JPG
Currently known as the Malayan Peacock-Pheasant, it is represented here by Nakamizo somewhat outside of its normal forest habitat for the purposes of a carefully arranged display. In flattened space the bird’s striking eye-spots are unique in their…
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