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A letter to the editor of The Genesee Farmer claimed that the "drudgery and discomfort to which farmers’ wives and daughters are subjected" was even greater than the wives of laborers and mechanics. This was because farm women were responsible for…

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Stearns--Life of George Washington.jpg
Washington is depicted as a beneficent gentleman farmer of his Mt. Vernon estate in Virginia, surrounded by a well-ordered operation, its overseer, happy workers, and two children playing in the foreground. The image is part of a five-part series…

sabalauscas april day #1@3x.jpg
From just the other side of a split rail fence, we look downhill to a pasture and then patchwork of fields in the valley below. A stream cuts across diagonally and passes under a covered bridge; a horse and foal stand in the foreground, with sheep…

NesinGeorge - The Pasture.JPG
Possibly inspired by a time spent farming in Massachusetts, Nesin’s painting radically flattens the landscape into a tapestry: sky and trees cascade down toward cows behind a fence at bottom. Somewhat abstracted forms give a pleasing roundness and…

Cunning--The Farm.jpg
This watercolor painting is a landscape of the quintessential farm in rural America. The most striking objects are the bright colored buildings that contrast with lighter-colored foliage and land. The composition is quite empty, a majority of the…

Baumbach--Summer Landscape.jpg
Baumbach’s work depicts a summer landscape in what appears to be a rural farm town from an aerial view. The colors are bright, and cool tone variations of green dominate much of the space. The greens are contrasted by a blue waterway and a yellow…
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