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Farm and Fireside 2.jpg

Witten--Rip Darcy 1.jpg
Rip Darcy is orphaned the son of a seafaring family and the protagonist of a 1938 book written by Jack O'Brien and illustrated by New Deal Gallery artist Bunty Witten. As the story opens Rip is found upon a deserted Pacific Island near Pago Pago,…

Schardt - Three Able Seamen.JPG
This print’s obviously ironic title asks us to notice what flows into the void of unemployment—all the moments of time the remain to be filled. Three men stare into the near distance, fiddle with their fingers, or even empty a pebble from a shoe.…

Brandfield--Summer in the Berkshires.jpg
This landscape portrays the rural mountainous region in western Massachusetts known as the Berkshires. Sketched entirely in black and white, the rolling hills and clusters of trees appear almost gloomy. A series of farms, divided by thin wire fences,…
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