Rip Darcy, Adventurer

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Rip Darcy, Adventurer


Rip Darcy is orphaned the son of a seafaring family and the protagonist of a 1938 book written by Jack O'Brien and illustrated by New Deal Gallery artist Bunty Witten. As the story opens Rip is found upon a deserted Pacific Island near Pago Pago, having lived there a year with only his dog Junie for company. What follows is a series of tales that owes something to the boys adventure genre and perhaps The Adventures of Tin Tin by the Belgian artist Hergé. Certainly, both share a love of the global exotic and model a next generation of European explorers who are "clean, straight-forward, unafraid."

An interesting innovation of the book is that Rip interacts with real-life members of New York City's Adventurers club, including Witten's husband George Witten. Against the backdrop of manly adventures—wild game hunting, aeronautics, and so on—there is a sweetness to Witten's illustrations that mitigates self-congratulatory tales.


Witten, Bunty, 1894-1968


John C. Winston Company




Cooper, Ken


Jack O'Brien, Rip Darcy, Adventurer (John C. Winston, 1938)


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