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Publication in the USDA "Farmers' Bulletin" series focuses upon the 8 million women who "work every day, and most of them many hours a day, in the farm kitchens of the United States." The emphasis is upon careful design and planning of kitchens so as…

Series of four idealized engravings depict homesteader and his wife turning Western New York wilderness into farmland, over a period of 45 years

Farmer Snug.jpg
The moral virtue of tidiness meets agriculture in this famous diptych from Solon Robinson's "Facts for Farmers" (1864), one of many visions of the model farm

2012 Farm Acreage.tiff
Based upon data from the 2012 USDA "Agriculture Census" for New York state, this map shows how the counties of Orleans, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, and Wayne all retain valuable farmland that is in danger of being lost through unmindful…
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