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Black River Falls@0.5x.jpg
During the 19th century it was estimated that the Black River generated some 135,000 horsepower along its course during the dry season. Just within the city limits of Watertown, NY the river dropped 110 feet, meaning that manufacturing concerns…

Black River map--small.jpg
This map's full title--"Lakes and reservoirs, head waters, Moose and Black Rivers: showing present and proposed feeders to Black River Canal"--reveals the underlying interests that probably generated its creation. Even in 1862, canals still were…

Boonville Mural.jpg
Along with her sister Suzanne, McCullough was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts to create a mural for the Boonville, NY post office (constructed in 1937). This 1838 study for the larger mural, completed the next year, is the same in…
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