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NDG Postcard : Flyer.jpg
This image combines Samuel Theobald's 1937 painting "Close Relations", a Keeling Curve showing the rise in global carbon dioxide levels, and a stylized grid. It was created for a series of exhibits hosted by OpenValley.

TheobaldSamuel - Fishing Boats, New Suffolk.JPG
Two boats, a sailboat at left and a motor boat at right, are stationary on calm water. Trees that occupy the background of this piece are reflected by the water in which several moorings are stand. A sand hill or trail cuts into these trees. The…

Theobald--Close Relations.JPG
A table, draped in eggshell cloth and situated in front of a curtain of the same color, holds a vase containing cherry blossoms, a tea cup, a decorated box—perhaps a tea chest?—and a small statue of a frog. Each of the items seems to evoke East Asian…
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