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no fracking way.JPG
Will Ouweleen, current owner of O-Neh-Da Vineyards, part of the commercial company Eagle Crest Vineyards, is a known sustainability activist around the Finger Lakes region. This pair of "No Frackin' Way" wines is one way he voices his opinions in…

widmer roof.png
The roof of Widmer's winery, famously on top of which were stacked several layers of wine barrels. This technique was apparently reliable and efficient, and is important because wineries usually require very deep cellars that involve immense efforts…

St. Michael's Seminary.jpg
St. Michael's Seminary was a place of education for many religious scholars, and many of those students helped maintain the grapes and cultivate the wine at O-Neh-Da, which is located just a few minutes' walk south along the west hills of Hemlock…

samuel warren.jpg
Portrait of Samuel Warren (1797-1862), pioneer grape grower and winemaker of York, Livingston County, New York.

mcquaid cellars.jpg
An inspection of the O-Neh-Da cellars. Although Bishop McQuaid had much help from the seminarians of St. Michael's Seminary just a short walk up the road, McQuaid was closely involved with the production process to ensure that the wine met the strict…

A collection of illustrations from the 1908 book Grapes of New York by Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick. The selections are native grapes, as opposed to European-origin vinifera grapes. These varieties are seen as more "local" options that are better for the…

Illustrations of the aphid phylloxera, as well the damage it caused to grapevine roots, that prevented the successful cultivation of European grapes for quite some time, before those vinifera grapes were grafted onto the roots of native grapevines.

warren homestead.jpg
Undated photograph shows children of the Stewart family standing in front of Samuel Warren's York, New York homestead. The location now serves as the home of the Town of York Historical Society.

Fritz Michael working on his vineyard, Dansville; Sanitorium visible in the back.tif
Fritz Michael tending to his grapes at his late 1800s-early 1900s winery in Dansville, NY. He shared his vineyard with others, including a doctor from the Jackson Sanitorium, located nearby on the same hill, who believed in a diet focusing on fresh…
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