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Upper Genesee Falls@0.5x.jpg
Photograph from a now-defunct news service company shows the High Falls area of Genesee River. At right we see the Gorsline Building that housed three main manufacturing operations at this time: Williams, Hoyt & Co. (a maker of shoes); the Rochester…

This is one of the earliest known images of waterfalls in the vicinity of present-day Rochester, NY. Davies, a British Army officer, had trained to provide drawings for military. The drawing here was one of a series produced during the French and…

High Falls front.jpg
At nearly 100 feet in height, the "High Falls" were a determining factor in the location of Rochester. Mills took advantage of the drop and the Genesee River's water flow in the form of mills, beginning in 1807 and especially in the years following…

Hand-colored postcard shows the iconic iron viaduct built in 1875 after a fire destroyed the original wooden bridge earlier that year.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 23

Hand-colored postcard depicts the Upper Falls of Genese River near Portage. Usually shown with the Erie Railroad bridge, this view focuses upon the falls themselves, looking downstream.

Genesee Gorge Series: No. 22

VoicesGlen_0004 (1).jpg
Illustration from anthology of poems entitled "Voices of the Glen" shows William P. Letchworth's Glen Iris estate with Upper Falls and Erie railroad viaduct in background

Famous Erie Railroad viaduct over Upper Falls at Portage, located in present-day Letchworth State Park, accompanied W. S. Ward's essay "The Valley of the Genesee."

Letchworth Cover.jpg
Mini-postcard album features ten views of the local attraction: Middle Falls, Mt. Morris Dam, Letchworth State Park Museum, Upper Falls, Glen Iris Inn, Statue of Mary Jemison, Inspiration Point, the "Scenic Gorge of the Genesee River," Lower Falls,…
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